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This is a political map of asia which shows the countries of asia along with capital cities major cities islands oceans seas and gulfs. 1571×1238 469 kb go to map.

Asia Map Map Of Asia Maps Facts And Geography Of Asia

If hong kong and macau are included as countries then macau 647 thousand people becomes the third least populous country in asia.

The map of asia countries

. 1991 the soviet union is split. In this video you will get information all the countries of asia according to their location. 2000×1110 434 kb go to map. Physical map of asia.

Countries of the asian continent. 1237×1175 325 kb go to map. 3000×1808 914 kb go to map. Map of asia with countries and capitals.

Asia has a coastline in north at the arctic. Related maps political maps of. Surrounded by the arctic ocean from the north by the pacific ocean from the east and by the indian ocean from the south it is separated from africa by suez canal. Asia ˈ eɪ ʒ ə ˈ eɪ ʃ ə is earth s largest and most populous continent located primarily in the eastern and northern hemispheres it shares the continental landmass of eurasia with the continent of europe and the continental landmass of afro eurasia with both europe and africa asia covers an area of 44 579 000 square kilometres 17 212 000 sq mi about 30 of earth s total land area and 8 7 of the earth s total surface area.

Being the biggest continent in the world asia includes 50 independent countries and occupies the eastern part of the single eurasian landmass. Armenia afghanistan azerbaijan bahrain cyprus egypt georgia iran iraq israel jordan kazakhstan lebanon oman palestine qatar saudi arabia syria turkey turkmenistan united arab emirates uzbekistan. Asia s least populated countries are maldives 341 thousand people brunei 412 thousand people bhutan 771 thousand people and east timor 1 2 million people. 4583×4878 9 16 mb go to map.

Map of southeast asia. 1999 macau annexed to china as a special administrative region. Asia time zone map. 1997 hong kong annexed to china as a special administrative region.

Political map of asia. 2002 east timor obtains independence from indonesia. The mediterranean sea and the black sea separate asia from europe farther the overland border runs through the caucasus mountains the caspian sea the ural. Map of south asia.

Post soviet states in asia. Map showing the countries of western asia the middle east and adjacent countries with borders capitals and main cities. Armenia azerbaijan georgia. List of countries in asia.

Asia is connected to africa by the isthmus of suez and borders europe which is part of the same landmass along the ural mountains and across the caspian sea. Countries of asia map of asian countries. Country maps will also be found on the respective country page. Map of northeast asia.

3500×2110 1 13 mb go to map. Where i have mentioned list of countries continent asia location of countries and surrounding oceans. 3000×1808 762 kb go to map. 2500×1254 604 kb go to map.

The map shows large parts of asia with the exception of some countries in western asia and the middle east asia is the largest of the world s continents it constitutes nearly one third of earth s landmass and is lying entirely north of the equator except for some southeast asian islands. Blank map of asia. The map is a portion of a larger world map created by the central intelligence agency using robinson projection. Western asia or simply west asia is the westernmost subregion of asia it includes anatolia the arabian peninsula iran mesopotamia the levant region the island of cyprus the sinai peninsula and transcaucasia the region is considered to be separated from africa by the isthmus of suez in egypt and separated from europe by the waterways of the turkish straits and the watershed of the greater caucasus.

Most recent changes in countries of asia. Central asia lies to its northeast while south asia lies to its east. Map of east asia. Countries and regions in western asia and the middle east.

1891×1514 1 03 mb go to map. You can also view the full pan and zoom cia world map as a pdf document.

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