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Danelagen as recorded in the anglo saxon chronicle is a historical name given to the part of england in which the laws of the danes held sway and dominated those of the anglo saxons danelaw contrasts with west saxon law and mercian law the term is first recorded in the early 11th century as dena lage. The 9th century may well have turned into a struggle for the upper hand between mercia and wessex if not for one thing.

The 4 Kingdoms That Dominated Early Medieval England History Hit

Merce in the mercian dialect itself meaning border people see march mercia dominated what would later become england for three centuries subsequently going into a gradual decline while wessex eventually conquered and united all the kingdoms into the kingdom of.

Mercia old map of england

. The kingdom of mercia c. Mercia ˈ m ɜːr ʃ i ə ʃ ə. 527 879 ce was an anglo saxon political entity located in the midlands of present day britain and bordered on the south by the kingdom of wessex on the west by wales north by northumbria and on the east by east anglia. The great heathen army old english.

Edward the elder s kingdom of the anglo saxons file size. The term heptarchy from the greek ἑπταρχία heptarchia from ἑπτά hepta seven ἀρχή arche reign rule and the suffix ία ia alludes to the tradition that. Mercia was one of the great seven anglo saxon kingdoms of england alongside east anglia essex kent northumbria sussex and wessex. Mycel hæþen here also known as great danish army or the viking great army was a coalition of scandinavian warriors mainly danish but including warriors from norway and sweden who invaded england in 865 ad since the late 8th century the vikings had engaged in raids on centres of wealth such as monasteries.

Modern historians have extended the term to a geographical designation. The danelaw ˈ d eɪ n ˌ l ɔː also known as the danelagh. Merciorum regnum was one of the kingdoms of the anglo saxon heptarchy the name is a latinisation of the old english mierce or myrce west saxon dialect. A large scale map of southern england centering on mercia wessex and east anglia showing mercia and wessex merging into alfred s kingdom of the anglo saxons with guthrum s kingdom across the border.

Its fortunes fluctuated as it was bordered on all sides by potentially hostile rivals. Seofonrīċe is a collective name applied to the seven kingdoms of anglo saxon england sometimes referred to as petty kingdoms from the anglo saxon settlement of britain in the 5th century until their unification into the kingdom of england in the early 10th century. Based around its capital of tamworth mercia went through rapid expansion throughout the 6th and 7th centuries to be one of the big three kingdoms of england along with northumbria and wessex. England was once again the subject of recurring raids from across the seas.

This time it was the danes and norwegians. The danes attacked the east coast of england the norwegians attacked the north by way of ireland and scotland. To its north northumbria its west the welsh kingdoms traditional enemies of all anglo saxons to its east east anglia and to its south the least aggressive of its neighbours wessex. Mercia originally comprised the border areas modern staffordshire derbyshire nottinghamshire and northern west midlands and warwickshire that lay between the districts of anglo saxon settlement and the celtic tribes they had driven to the west.

The great heathen army was much larger and aimed to occupy and conquer the four english kingdoms of east anglia northumbria mercia and wessex. Mercia was a large kingdom that covered most of middle england. The heptarchy old english.

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